Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Business Communication for Success Essay

Language. Language for business documents is important because you have to make sure the language used in it is up to the standards that it should be and therefore make sure it shows the formality of the document subject. For example, sending a letter out that comes across casual or has abbreviations/ jargon then it may not be perceived as being professional or important. This is why it’s important to consider the language you use in business documents to come across professional and formal with your language. Tone. It is important to consider your tone. This is because the tone you use when writing business documents becomes the subject of the message and therefore the way you present yourself needs to be considered. Your tone is essentially your attitude that is being put across. It’s just as important to use the right tone in written as it is when verbally speaking as they both have an equal effect on the other participant. Thus meaning, depending on the situation, depends on how you should adjust how you’re coming across. For example, you need to know when to show confidence/assertion or when to be apologetic as well as conversational, to some extent, whilst still maintaining some sort of professionalism that you need to. Image. In business documents, the most important image is the company logo. By sending documents out with the company logo on it allows people to not only recognize the company by the name but also allows the image of the company to become recognizable. Presentation. When documents are presented correctly and formally it allows people to know that we are a professional, legitimate business and that everything is taken seriously. Like before, when speaking about the image and the company logo, it is important that the logo is presented properly and clearly. For example, making sure that it is clear and not pixelated and that the logo is also to the right size and hasn’t been stretched out. When integrating an image into a document, it can easily be done in Microsoft Office Word as it enables you to insert any sort of pictures or graphs etc. To do this you just go to word and click â€Å"insert† and then it should give you the option of inserting a picture. You then browse your files and find where you want to get the picture from and then insert it. Corporate identity is how a business/ organization is recognized by, not only the customers but also the employees and other businesses. For example, their company logo or the colors that they primarily use. This is what people associate the company with. This means that when companies send out emails, letters, posters etc, they become noticeable by the logos etc that are being put on them. By this happening means that the business becomes well branded. This will then hopefully result in the company becoming widely recognized and growth of the business. Corporate identity is important on documents in order for this to happen. If business documents didn’t have things such as their logo or their business colors on then people wouldn’t make any sort of connections as there’s nothing associating the letter with the business. Data protection. Data protection is designed in order to have legal control over both work and personal documents (whether they be computer documents or paper). It was made so that when storing personal information about people such as addresses, medical conditions and so on, it gave the people legal rights if anything went wrong or information was misused. This means that when handling clients documents, we have to make sure to keep any information obtained secure and private and make sure not to discuss it with, or in front of, any external people. Copyright. Copyright is the ownership and rights of your own work. Businesses have to make sure their work isn’t copyrighted in order to stop other companies stealing their ideas without their permission; so fundamentally just acts as a safeguard to their original work. Things such as trademarks are put in place to stop this from happening. Intellectual property. Intellectual property is essentially inventions created by ones self-such as name, images/ logos etc. Like copyright, intellectual property is also protected by things such as patents, copyright, and trademarks. This is put in place to stop any business documents produced by the company being used and branded by other businesses and therefore means that your business ideas can flourish and stay protected. Version control is the management of different files and documents. The management allows you to control the source and changes that are made to it. It then furthers to show you who made the changes and why they did so. When files are saved, you can tell which ones were the first/second draft and which one is the final by the way that it’s saved. It is usually saved with both the date and the draft number. For example, 04122017V2. â€Å"V2 standing for version 2†. When handling documents in a business, the majority of the time it contains personal information that shouldn’t be seen by anyone other than those that work there. If documents somehow got out or were mishandled, it’d be a breach of the data protection act. To stop this from happening certain security procedures are put into place. For example, client documents have to be stored out of reach and sight of any other clients or external people. It should be dealt with integrity and only be handled by those who are authorized to do so.

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